Hello, Gorgeous!I am so excited you’re exploring the empowering and feminine art of boudoir photography! I would love to take your hand and walk you through the whole process, so you know exactly what to expect out of your Sara June Boudoir experience. Let’s go!

When you send me a little inquiry note from my website, the magic begins.


Before you even dare reach for your wallet, we will hop on the phone and I will guide you through the entire experience, explain every detail of the investment, and answer any initial questions you may have.



Before we hang up, we will determine your ideal location (boutique hotel, professional photography studio, or in your own home) and goals. Are you looking to surprise a certain someone with a wall hanging or little black book? Do you have a gifting deadline in mind?


Speaking of questions, I am sure you will have many! Once you book a date on my calendar, we will follow up with a more in-depth consultation, in-person or video chat. This is when we will go over wardrobe curation, personal aesthetic preferences, and what weighs on every woman’s mind: body concerns.


We are all perfectly imperfect. Our age, size, shape… it’s what makes us unique and worth celebrating. We will spend ample time during our consultation to work through your concerns and note your favorite features worth highlighting. Proper professional posing is everything. This bombshell boudoir session will leave you feeling more in love with your body.



Shortly after our consultation, I will send you an email with #allthethings. You’ll receive a copy of my Boudoir Readiness Guide, with a timeline of how and when to prep for your session. Yes, I will even address when to take care of waxing/shaving and scheduling hair and makeup application. In the email, you will also receive a link to my Pinterest boards, with all the inspiration you may need for posing, lighting styles, and lingerie options. Now that all the logistics and questions are covered, you can really begin to relax and enjoy the process!



When we meet on boudoir day, you can expect to have a boatload of fun. I keep my sessions lighthearted and full of laughter. I want to capture the true, vivacious, authentic YOU!



Approximately two weeks after your photo shoot, we will meet in person for the BIG REVEAL! Cue the fireworks! I will bring all of my favorite sample albums and folio boxes for you to see, touch, and experience first-hand. If this is a gift for yourself or someone else just as special, you will never regret printing your photos. Every fiber of your being is worth cherishing!



I cannot wait to celebrate your natural beauty and sensuality through the lens.



XOXO, Sara

Did you know?

I have an extensive client wardrobe, full of lingerie, jewelry, and shoes, saving you hundreds of dollars!

Yes, I have heard all the questions and no, you don’t have to be shy. Remember, in my previous career, I was a labor and delivery nurse -- nothing surprises me!

I never serve or recommend drinking alcohol before a session, as it leaves your skin splotchy and dehydrated. After your session, you will be feeling fabulous and will want to hit the town for cocktails. Cheers!

Your photos will be lightly edited to remove blemishes and smooth the skin if needed.