Perfect Packing List for Your Boudoir Session

  • lingerie: bodysuits, bras, panties, garter belts (when in doubt, bring it all)

  • fishnets and/or thigh highs

  • necklaces

  • earrings (a pair of studs are perfect but you'll also want to bring a statement pair as well)

  • special jewelry

  • a nude thong (so you can wear some of Sara June's client wardrobe)

  • a black thong (so you can wear some of Sara June's client wardrobe)

  • heels (nude and black are staples, the higher the better)

  • a sweater (paired with leg warmers! so cute.)

  • your guy’s button down shirt and tie

  • crop top

  • bustiers

  • form fitting sexy coat (think: trench coat and heels)

  • a robe (not your thick fuzzy robe... but a sexy robe!)

  • your veil (if you're a bride and you want to incorporate it into your photos)

  • flowers for your hair (a quick stop at the florist is all you need!)

  • sexy dresses (low necklines, high slits, etc)

  • pretty things like bottles of perfume, sparkly rings

  • items that hold significance like a necklace they gave you when you first started dating or a flower for your hair you picked up on vacation together

  • whatever makes you feel sexy!

Most importantly, bring an open mind and self-love. Check your self-doubt at the door and get ready for a great time! You are going to look like a bombshell!


Where to look for killer lingerie:

victoria’s secret

forever 21





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Check out the Facebook group for more inspiration, see what other ladies have worn for their sessions, and feel free to post some outfits and get feedback from everyone else!