What Is A Boudoir Session?

Maybe you’ve heard about the growing trend of brides gifting boudoir photos to their soon-to-be spouse… maybe you stumbled upon photos on Instagram or through Facebook suggested content.

Maybe you’ve thought about trying it out for yourself… or maybe you think there’s no way in heck you’d be photographed in your bra.

Either way, I bet you’re wondering about the specifics… the whys, hows, whens, whos… read on for what you need to know before deciding to have your own boudoir portraits taken.

What are boudoir portraits?

As the French word ‘boudoir’ (meaning: a woman’s bedroom or private room) suggests, boudoir portraits usually show a more intimate look at a woman. Usually wearing a feminine version of lingerie, pajamas, or even nothing at all, boudoir portraits often are taken in a bedroom or a studio made to look like one.

What do I wear?

As with any portrait sessions that I do, the woman’s comfort level and safety is always top priority. Meaning, if you are only comfortable wearing sweats (see above), that’s absolutely fine… but if you want to wear the most dainty lingerie pieces or even nothing at all, that’s great too!

When should I do a boudoir session?

Whenever you want! Many of my clients are brides who want to create a gift for their soon-to-be spouse to open on the morning of their wedding (hello, sexy teaser!), some of them are women who are looking for an anniversary or birthday gift to give, and still some others decide to do a boudoir session just because. Yep, just because they want to treat themselves to do a day of pampering and feeling on top of the world!

Emily, a client of mine, writes:

‘For anyone who is having insecurities or just needs a pick me up, there is nothing like pampering yourself a little and seeing the real you come to life. Sara doesn’t Photoshop any of her photos nor does she hide what she’s doing. All of these photos are the real you, the real woman who deserves the world. Ladies, if you need a real reality check on just how much of a bombshell you are, go hit up Sara June Photography right now.’

To that I say, YAAAAS! (She’s totally right; I’ve seen it over and over!) And, I suggest that you contact me no later than 3 months before your wedding or other gift giving occasion. That’ll give us more than enough time to get to know each other, plan and shoot your session, select which gifts you’d like to give, and have them be delivered in time.

Ready to book?

Head up to the boudoir tab above or click here to take you to my boudoir page where I share even more information and you’ll find a link to my boudoir portfolio. Then, once you’ve perused all of that, use the contact form at the bottom of the page to send me an email. From there, I’ll email you and we’ll chat all about how I can help you be the best version of yourself for your boudoir portraits!

Sara Matuszak