Wedding Gifts for Your Soon-To-Be!


Among one of the many old-age traditions of weddings are the bride and groom gift exchange. While some couples have started fazing these sorts of traditions out, many people still enjoy giving their loved one something memorable to help mark the day. This may not be on every couple's agenda, especially if you’re already feeling over budget (it happens!) in which case these gifts don’t need to be lavish! After all, it’s the sentiment that counts.

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For The Bride

You can never go wrong with an extra touch of jewelry. Picking out a timeless piece will ensure she wears it over and over again, not just while she walks down the aisle. Another great gift idea that could be paired with a nice set of earrings or bracelet is a personalized jewelry pouch or catch all dish! Having a little space to keep her new jewels will mean the world - especially if it’s been engraved or monogrammed.

The bride isn’t big on jewels? I get it, not everyone is! How about a bottle of her favourite perfume, or a scent she’s been lusting after but just couldn’t justify spending on during wedding crunch time? Our sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses - so a new spritz of perfume on your wedding day will bring back intimate memories every time she smells it again!

What About The Groom?

Assuming he’s wearing a suit jacket for the big day, some custom engraved cufflinks would be the perfect finishing touch! Or how about a special pocket square to match the rest of his look?

If you’re hoping for something a little less wedding-day-specific, why not a watch? There are so many beautiful watches on the market these days that won’t break the bank. Check out MVMT, many of their pieces are under $150!

Of course, there’s always the option of gifting some gorgeous boudoir portraits to your soon-to-be spouse! I’ve seen many brides purchase bridal lingerie for their Sara June Boudoir session and then box it up with their printed images as a gift to give on the morning of their wedding. That’s one sexy sneak peek! (Insider’s Tip: if you book my largest wedding collection, the boudoir session fee is included!)

At the end of the day, it’s all about what kind of couple you are in your day-to-day lives. If you aren’t huge gift people, you may want to consider gifting a simple photo album for your wedding photos or a vow book to write your vows down in! If you’re stressed out enough and can’t think of anything to give your soon-to-be spouse, a card with words of encouragement and excitement is always appreciated (and it makes for great photos + videos while you’re reading them!). No matter what you give, this day is going to be the most incredible of your lives. And while presents are wonderful for memories, the marriage itself is by far the best thing you can give each other.

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