Too Soon To Think Christmas?

Appleton Neenah Boudoir Photographer-15.jpg

Okay, okay, I know! It may seem a little crazy to be thinking about Christmas when we just celebrated the summer solstice, but think again!

While some gifts can wait until the last minute, if you’ve been thinking about booking a boudoir session for yourself - now is the time! Not only is boudoir shoot such a great gift to yourself, it’s also a great Christmas gift for your partner!

If you’re wondering how to give boudoir photos as a gift, it’s simple - put them in an album! You can have it bound and showcasing the pictures this way will make them seem that much more special to your partner (and will be easier to wrap)!

Neenah Boudoir Photographer-2.jpg

Another thing to consider is the lingerie. If you’ve got the means to go out and purchase yourself a new négligée or two-piece set (hello, a gift for you too!) for your boudoir session, you could wrap that up as well. After you’ve got your gorgeous photos back and printed, slip them in the box with your new lingerie. Just make sure you know which gift it is under the tree so Grandma and Grandpa don’t see it being unwrapped!

My time slots book up fast between summer and Christmas. Booking in advance also gives you tons of time to decide how you want your shoot to look (indoor vs outdoor.) Plus, you won’t have to deal with unpredictable Wisconsin weather derailing the shoot of your dreams!


I also offer payment plans so your investment is spread out, which can really help when those holiday bills start piling up! You are able to pre-pay ahead of time and shoot your boudoir session in October or early November. Alternatively, you can do the session now and opt for a traditional payment plan that would complete by the end of October!

Make sure you don’t wait too long to book because Sara June boudoir sessions are fully booked through August with limited openings in September and October!