The Most Important Part Of Your Wedding Day - What To Focus On

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With the hustle and bustle that is the wedding industry these days, I often see couples getting swept up in the planning and details and forgetting about what’s most important about their wedding day. It’s easy for wedding photographers to forget that for most people, this is their first time planning a wedding; they haven’t been doing this most weekends for the past few years, so they don’t necessarily know what the most important part of their wedding day is and what they should be focusing on. The last thing I want is for any of my couples to look back and have any regrets about their day!

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Cherish the intimate moments. Hands down, the most important moment of your whole day will be the first look. This counts whether you’re doing a formal first look with just the two of you, or a traditional one that happens walking down the aisle at the ceremony. It’s easy to feel flustered and rushed on the day, but I suggest just taking one small moment for a deep breath, and just enjoy it. This goes for the first dance as well. Stop worrying about how you look or what guests are thinking and just appreciate these moments with your significant other, it’s the only first dance you’ll ever have, and it’s just for the two of you. Another detail you may want to consider is taking a few moments to have some alone time and reflect with your new spouse. This can happen after the ceremony, or during the reception, whenever you can steal a moment. Insider’s Tip: have your photographer follow along to capture some raw candid shots.  

DON’T Get too swept up in the details 

Don’t sweat the small stuff! I’ve been to my fair share of weddings, so please just trust me on this one. I can promise that in five, ten, twenty years, you will not be thinking about the size of your centerpieces, the font on your programs, or the exact length of the best man’s speech. What will matter are these significant moments you and your brand-new spouse are sharing with your most cherished friends and family.


Just enjoy your day! It’s all about you guys! You’ll never have another day like this in your whole life, enjoy the time you and your new spouse spend with family and friends.

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