Shenoblesse Bespoke Bridal Accessories | Sydney, Australia

One Of A Kind Bridal Accessories From A Belgium Born Designer

You guys! I’m so excited to share this blog post with you. Wyvine Gilsoul, the mastermind and owner of Shenoblesse, based in Sydney, Australia; is creating some of the most gorgeous and unique bridal jewelry and accessories EVER!

She started this company in 2014 after moving to Australia in 2012. Starting off as a wedding planner, she soon realized her passion was creating not planning. She actually designs each piece herself! With inspirations coming from her love of all things “girly” and with some vintage flair added in, the result? A perfectly comprised passion for garters and detailed jewelry and more.

Shenoblesse is quite literally the epitome of feminine. SHE: meaning feminine and NOBLESSE: meaning nobility. Each piece is handcrafted from her sketches using the finest materials. Freshwater pearls, genuine crystals and the finest lace and tulle she can find, to name a few. They currently have clients in 24 countries, with the US and Australia being their biggest markets. They can ship anywhere in the world and can customize anything for you.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic garter, intricate jewelry or that special veil, they can accommodate you!