Glass Clinking - A Thing of The Past?

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While there are many wedding traditions that have started to faze out, some are still teetering between relevant and uncommon. As a photographer, I get to see first hand what is still popular and what is slowly becoming a thing of the past. And glass clinking is definitely one of them.

I won’t go as far as saying glass clinking is disappearing, it’s just evolving! Couples are coming up with some very cool ways to involve their guests. Here are some commonly played games I’ve seen replacing the old tradition.

Roll The Dice

Sounds simple enough, right? This one is lots of fun because you can customize the rules to match numbers specific to your wedding or guests. Guests would either have to roll a specific number, or have their die add together to make a specific number. And voila! A kiss ensues.

Sing A Song with “L-O-V-E”

Okay, this may not be for everyone, so I would recommend this for groups that have lots of outgoing people in their wedding party to get the ball rolling. Basically, if your guests want you to share another kiss, they’ve got to sing a song with the word LOVE in it!

Pop a Balloon

The kids love this one! It’s easy enough for everyone to play, just sit on a balloon until it pops! Keep in mind, this might spook animals or small children.

If none of these float your boat, consider these:

Show ‘Em How It’s Done

This one is fun if you have plenty of guests at your wedding! If any of your guests want you two to smooch, they’ve gotta do it first and show you how it’s done. Who knows, you might even match-make a couple of singles friends this way!

Honeymoon Fund/Charity Donation

If you’ve asked for money instead of material items as gifts, this is a great way to encourage that. When your guests are ready for a kiss, they have to toss a coin (or two) in the pot you’ve created. Alternatively, you could set a fund up for a charity of your choice! I’ve seen everything from the American Cancer Society, to Honor Flight, to a local animal shelter. Not only is it a way to showcase causes close to your hearts, but it’s also a fantastic way to use your wedding to give back!

At the end of the day, how and when you and your partner smooch is up to you. Not everyone is the PDA type and that’s totally fine! Or you could put a few of these games and interactive options to use! Who knows, maybe your choice will be to stick with the traditional glass-clinking all together. That’s the beauty of these ever changing trends, you can choose to keep them or modify them to fit your style!