Appleton, Wisconsin Maternity Photographer | Fall Colors Maternity Session

The Kastning Family is growing!

You want to know what ‘fills my cup’ as a photographer? It’s fostering amazing relationships and true friendships with my clients… sometimes they start as clients and turn into friends… sometimes they start as friends and turn into clients. Either way, getting to mark milestones with said friends and clients is one of the best parts of my job!

This couple? They started as friends. As in, really really good friends who can let a few months pass and still pick up right back where you were. As in, really really good friends who get to know each other quickly between lots of laughs and hilarious conversations (as 3am conversations in the nursery will do). As in, really really good friends who watch as you grow your family - and now it’s time for me to watch as they grow theirs!

Caitlin and Jeremy, I am SO excited for you guys to experience the true love that parenthood brings. Congratulations!