3 Things To Think About When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

A photographer is one of the most important investments for your big day, so choose wisely!


First things first. So let’s say you’re engaged (YAY!) and you’ve picked your date. Next up you’re probably considering a venue and then a photographer. You get a referral or you research online and find a photographer whose photos look amazing. What’s next? Contact them and arrange a meeting to talk about your expectations. What are some things to talk about and ask? Let’s talk about relationships. What kind of ‘relationship’ do you want to have with them? Do you want them to be super involved? Or do you prefer a more hands off approach and prefer to be the one in control? Do you want guided help with choosing wall art and heirloom albums? Or are you the type that likes to decide on your own without input from others? These are all things to consider when meeting with your photographer to get a true feel of what kind of relationship you’d like to have with them.


Another topic you want to think about is, how does the photographer work? Do they only pose their couples? Or do they prefer a more candid approach to their shooting style? Do they shoot alone or offer a second photographer option to cover more area and photo opportunities? Do they edit their photos with true-to-life colors? Do their photos appear darker and moodier? Or do they edit photos to look bright and clean? Think about what you envision for your day when asking questions at your initial meeting with them. Get a feel for what to expect from them in regards to their style of shooting weddings. This will give you a good feel for whether or not they are a good match for your day.

Do you even like them?

Finally, and this may be the most important aspect in my opinion. Do you get along with them? Do you like them personally? This may seem trivial… but think about it, you’re marrying your forever person and celebrating this day with family and friends; don’t you want someone you truly like and get along with to capture that day? Someone who you can feel comfortable with in front of AND behind the camera? If personalities collide at a first meeting then chances are, you may not be a good fit together to share your special day.

In short, this is your day, your vision and your choice on who to have involved. If it doesn’t feel right, then move on and find someone else. They won’t take it personally! Go with your gut and ask as many questions as you want to make an educated decision.
Have fun and happy wedding planning!