3 Reasons You Should Do A Boudoir Session

Are you still thinking about having boudoir portraits taken? I promise you won’t regret it - wanna know why? Read on!

They’re FUN!

Not only do you get to have a day full of pampering for yourself, but if you select the right boudoir photographer, you’ll spend your session bring fawned over and giggling. When was the last time you did that?!

To up the fun factor, invite a few friends to share an afternoon of boudoir - you can shop for lingerie together, get your nails done together, enjoy professional hair and makeup, cheer each other on, and then hit the town for dinner and drinks after your sessions wrap up!

They’re empowering!

Negative Nelly’s aren’t allowed at boudoir sessions - instead, you have a whole team of professionals (hair, makeup, lashes, nails, photography) who all have the same goal in mind: to make you look and FEEL like a million bucks. We all have insecurities (of course!) but the right boudoir photographer will focus on the areas of yourself that you love and they’ll help to minimize the parts that you don’t want in the spotlight. Professionally trained boudoir photographers know how to pose a woman’s body - no matter the size - to flatter like crazy.

They help you find your sensual side {again}.

When the pressures of life, work, and family start sliding in to be your daily focuses, we tend to let our needs and wants drop to the wayside… and oftentimes that means we don’t feel sexy or have time to get in touch with our sensual side as much. Boudoir photos will help you see that side of you again because you see that you CAN be sexy and have fun and make time for yourself!