Appleton, Wisconsin Boutique Salon | Lauren at Salon Elan

Meet Lauren. She's a licensed cosmetologist at Salon Elan in Appleton. She's one of the hair and makeup magicians that I recommend to use for my boudoir clients but she's also dang good at wedding hair and makeup. As a bride, finding someone to do my hair and makeup for my wedding day was one of the hardest vendors I had to book! Maybe because I wanted to look effortlessly flawless as I married my love or maybe I just hadn't found the right fit... either way, if I would have known Lauren then, she would have been one of my first phone calls. Why? Because her attention to detail when she's doing your hair, makeup, and lashes is fantastic... and all of those details being perfect is what makes you look ah-mazing!

I wanted to formally introduce her to any brides who are looking for wedding day hair and makeup AND any of my boudoir clients who would prefer to have their hair and makeup done in a salon. Read on to get to know her better and to see how she can help you be the most gorgeous bride and/or boudoir babe!

Without further adieu, here's Lauren:

How long have you been doing hair and make up?
I’ve been doing hair and makeup as long as I can remember! I grew up around the industry and always knew it was my calling, but professionally I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for 5 years now.

Tell us a little about what you offer.
My focus is on hair and makeup. I offer blowouts, haircuts, custom color, extensions, and even smoothing services along with makeup applications and lessons for those that want to recreate their look at home! I love helping bring someones inner beauty to the outside. 

What's your 'style' when it comes to makeup?
Naturally Glam! I like to create a look that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and like YOU! It’s always fun to add a little glam or edge to your look, but a full smokey eye isn’t for everyone and it’s so important to feel comfortable in your look. 

Tell us about the lashes you apply!
The false lashes I apply are reusable lashes that I apply the day of your application and you can remove easily at home. Most of the time I prefer to use lashes with a little more flair to the outer edge, but the style used depends on the look you’re going for and how comfortable you are with them. 
If you’re looking for AH-mazing lashes to buy for yourself at home, my favorite are House of Lashes ( They are extremely high quality, cruelty free, and eco friendly! 

Three random personal facts, and go!
1. I am a mom to a beautiful 1 1/2 year old girl, Juniper Layne.
2. I’ve had my hair every color of the rainbow except for green.
3. Making chocolate mug cakes is one of my guilty pleasures!

What would YOU wear for a boudoir session?
I don’t think I could choose just one look for a boudoir session! I would love to keep it comfortable with classic Calvins or like most of the rest of my wardrobe ALL black and lace.

Favorite food, favorite vacation destination, and favorite tv show:
I hate cooking, but there is ONE dish I love to make. It’s pasta with fresh garlic, grape tomatoes, fresh basil, and real mozzarella. MMM! It’s soo good and super easy to make. 
There are so many places that I haven’t traveled yet, but for now I love taking weekend getaways to Chicago to eat great food and relax. On my list of dream vacations would be to visit my ancestors hometown in Norway and to see mountain gorillas in Africa. 
There are too many! Friends is my favorite go-to for when I just want to relax, but I also love a good crime show!

Do you have any advice for someone who is on the fence about doing a boudoir session?
If you’re on the fence about doing a boudoir session, I think you should just go for it! When you see your photos you will see the beautiful, confident, sexy woman that maybe you didn’t know you could be (or maybe you knew it all along).

Anything else? Give us the nitty gritty details!
For brides looking to book hair and makeup services for their big day, I recommend scheduling at least 6 months in advance especially it's a summer or early fall wedding. My prices range from $35 for a simple hairstyle to $65 for more elaborate up styles. Makeup applications can range from $40 - $60 depending on whether your services are in salon or on location. 

If you want to talk with Lauren about how she can help you on your wedding day, you can find Lauren on Instagram for now - send her a message! She's also putting the finishing touches on her new website so when it's ready to go, I'll link it here for you, too.