Neenah, Wisconsin Boudoir Photographer | Romantic Boudoir Sessions

Sara June Photography, along with Jillian Dawson Freelance Makeup Artistry, Whisk & Arrow Bakery, and Master's Touch Floral Design collaborated on this styled shoot in a beautifully bright studio in Downtown Neenah. Together with exposed brick walls, a palette of cream and blush felt perfectly warm. 

I have heard over and over from women that they WANT to do a boudoir session but they are 'too pale'/'have another 10 pounds to lose'/'want to tone up'/'aren't pretty enough'... and you know what?! None of that REALLY matters! With the proper outfit choices (which I help you with!), beautiful hair and makeup (which I help you with!), and natural posing (which I help you with!) - you can look like the most drop dead gorgeous woman and feel like you're on top of the world.

My past clients have come to me wanting to have a boudoir session so they can order an album for their significant other (let me just stop here and say that a boudoir album makes the most amazing wedding day gift for your future spouse!) but by the time we chat, she goes shopping for clothes that make her feel amazing, and the session rolls around, more often than not they tell me the session is more for THEM than their shnuookums. That feeling right there? That's why I encourage all women to have boudoir photos done!

Do it for yourself. 

I mean, you'll have lots and lots of photos to make an album or give as a gift...

...but, for real, do it for yourself.


Sara Matuszak