ThedaCare - Appleton Newborn Session

Appleton, Wisconsin Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer | William

There is absolutely nothing sweeter than a new, barely-days-old, sleepy as can be baby, is there?! And why wouldn't you want to capture these precious details and hold on to them forever?

Fresh 48 sessions are done while you're still in the hospital and are usually focused more on the baby and their cute little features. I make sure to get mom/dad/siblings in the photos, too, if that is desired. These are usually LOVED by parents because 1) I come to you at the hospital and you don't have to worry about cleaning your home 2) your images will freeze little details in time... the details that you tend to forget quickly (like how his/her toes curl, their smooshed little nose, the peach fuzz on their head, etc.) and 3) they're super low-pressure (meaning, you just have to have dad wear a shirt that goes well with what mom is wearing - usually a robe - and you'll all look super put together). I've heard time and time again how stress-free Fresh 48 photos are!

I will let these images speak for themselves... bask in William's adorable cheeks and that sweet pout!

Sara Matuszak