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I’m Sara, an adventurous photographer for couples, brides & empowered women.

This world is a constant pace of busy, am I right? We are so influenced by social media, comparison and what (insert your old high school friend’s name) is doing with her life that we forget to slow down and see the beauty in our own.

As my family grew, my phone accumulated photos of priceless joyful moments that lived in “the cloud” but my walls lacked the heirloom pieces my heart so badly needed.

My love for photography and creating heirlooms became my legacy.


And now, I help you create your legacy too.

I know the importance of having beautiful images to look back on for years that conjure up the same emotions as when they were taken. Can’t you just see it?

…the day when you get to pull out that old wooden box of photos to walk through the memories with your kids and their kids.

…how that gorgeous white dress made you feel as you walked down the aisle to meet the love of your life waiting for you under the sunny sky.

…how that blue-eyed-dimpled boy filled your heart with so much joy when you held him for the first time.


I help you create your own legacy by capturing the simple joys of life.

I help you tell your story through heirloom-filled memories and photos.

By capturing couples who believe in a love so strong, they’re able to pass down heirlooms that create a legacy for generations to come.

By adoring newborn babies, while parents are able to experience in-the-moment joy of their first memories together.

By empowering beautiful women to embrace their true self, and become the best version of her right where she is.

Here’s My Story

My name is Sara and I’m so glad you’re here. I live in Wisconsin with my husband and son, our terrier-mix pup and a full bucket list of our next big adventure plans. We spend our free weekends hiking or relaxing on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and the newest series on Netflix. We live to travel, (not travel to live) so if you want to get me talking, just ask me where my favorite beach in the world is!

I believe in kindness. Not a fake kind of kindness, but one so genuine and loving with your whole heart. It’s such a simple thing to do and yet the world needs more of it. Think of how much we can change the world if we just showed more kindness.

I do what I do to help others create their own legacy and to slowly change this world we live in. One photo, one heirloom, one memory at a time.

So grateful you are here,

Sara June

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